Friends Only [01 May 2004|04:13am]

25 black flagged drivers bump and run

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Screenname: GaughanRacing

Bday: June 10


Nascar Drivers: Brendan Gaughan, Steve Park, Tony Stewart, Larry Foyt, Brian Vickers, Kasey Kahne, Scott Lynch and Austin Cameron

Color: Purple and Blue

Musicians: Collin Raye, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw

Car: Dodge Durango, Dodge Ram, Corvettes and my Blazer

Movie: Ever After, While You Were Sleeping, Emma, Star Wars

Children's names: Emilia Chase, Alexander Alfred, Aurora Alexandria, Kyle Robert, Audrey Rose, Anthony Vincent, Lily Mae and Cody Monday

This journal is mainly a private journal. I do not add friends to it very often. I hate lj drama, and I would like to at least know someone before I add them. Please do not take it personally.

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